Professor Vladimir Tsukruk Selected as Fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS)

Jun 13, 2014 | Atlanta, GA

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  • Vladimir Tsukruk

Congratulations to Professor Vladimir Tsukruk!

Professor Tsukruk has been selected as Fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS).Tsukruk conducts research in the field of fabrication and structural characterization of molecular films, his specialized field of research since 1987. He has extensive experience in organic and polymeric materials and molecular films from polymers. Tsukruk is an expert in the microstructural analysis of polymeric materials. He has conducted investigations of LB films and self-assembled monolayers from amphiphilic polyimides, rod-like polymers, liquid crystalline polymers, alkylsilanes, dendrimers, biopolymers, and lipids. More recently, Tsukruk has been interested in, nanomaterials; nanotribology; the nanomechanical properties of polymeric surfaces; and nanoengineered devices.

Professor Tsukruk will be formally honored at the 2014 ACS National meeting in San Francisco on August 11, 2014.