Jean-Luc Bredas Honored by American Physical Society

Dec 6, 2012 | Atlanta, GA

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  • Jean-Luc Brédas

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The American Physical Society (APS) has announced that Jean-Luc Bredas, Regents' Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Georgia Tech will receive the 2013 David Adler Lectureship Award in the field of Materials Physics for his outstanding computational studies of the electronic, charge transport and optical properties of conjugated polymers and related materials and their impact on organic electronics and photonics.

"I'm honored to be numbered amongst those who've been recognized by the American Physical Society," said Bredas. "What I really appreciate about the Adler Lectureship Award is that it not only recognizes the research work, but also the ability to disseminate the findings to a wide audience through presentations at scientific meetings and through review articles that highlight the basic concepts."

The Adler award will be presented at the APS March 2013 meeting in Baltimore, MD, March 18-22, 2013, at a special Ceremonial Session.