The Student and Teacher Enhancement Partnership Program (STEP)


Kelly Lancaster STEP Fellow 2005 at Tri-Cities High School

Chemistry experiment at Tri-Cities High School

The Student and Teacher Enhancement Partnership (STEP) Program partners advanced Georgia Tech undergraduate and graduate students with Atlanta metro area high school students in teams that are led by master teacher-coordinators. The program seeks to improve the teaching-related communication and leadership skills of Georgia Tech students and to use the exceptional scholarly expertise available at Georgia Tech to assist in increasing the mathematics and science performance of Atlanta-area high school students.

STEP Graduate Fellows and Undergraduate Interns participate in summer training workshops to familiarize themselves with inquiry-based learning pedagogy, classroom management, and effective teaching skills. They also work with high school personnel to develop a needs assessment and action plan for the school. During the school year they work in teams (each having at least two Georgia Tech students) with their partner school, choosing activities from a menu of options that include:

  1. student instruction
  2. teacher professional development
  3. student enrichment and mentoring
  4. implementation of appropriate educational technologies
  5. science fair project assistance
  6. Georgia Tech lab tours