Ph.D. Engineer Positions at ASM, Inc

ASM, Inc, a dominant market leader in ALD, has a number of openings for process, electrical, mechanical, and metrology engineers. Interested students about to receiver their Ph.D. can find ASM using Career Buzz or CSM or may contact Dr. Alselmo Kim at

An ideal candidate would be 1) someone who possesses genuine curiosity, and 2) someone who has frequently interfaced, built, or modified hardware, whether it’d be various types of reactors, (ALD, MBE, CVD, plasma chambers, etc) or measurement/imaging systems. (X-ray techniques, laser spectroscopy, ellipsometry, AFM/SEM/TEM, RBS, etc)

ASM is a fairly small company but with a large revenue (1700 employees world-wide, $1 billion), so PhD-level engineers are given significant roles early on, in high-visibility projects. They are given freedom and independence along with high expectations. The engineers are also very much encouraged to file Intellectual Property.