Gift Opportunities

The Georgia Institute of Technology is well-known for its innovation, discovery, and the commercialization of key technologies developed by our world-class research community.

A major component of COPE’s success also includes strategic alliances developed in collaboration with industry partners, government agencies, and foundations looking to meet the technological needs of the future.

Opportunities exist to support and work in partnership with COPE to advance research and education in the fields of organic photonic and electronic materials and devices. Following are a number of named gift opportunities currently available.

Center ($5,000,000)

This funding opportunity will inextricably link the sponsor with Georgia Tech's premier Center for organic optical and electronic materials. The name of the Center will be included in all documentation and communications affiliated with COPE.

Program Seed Grant ($3,000,000 - $5,000,000)

The Seed Grant Program focuses on those research and technologies that have the potential to be commercialized or that can streamline the processes involved in the deployment of innovative options with both a near-term and long-term applications. An additional aspect of the program includes the assessment of new directions and ideas for research and technology development. Income from this endowment would ensure continued work toward developing solutions that have the potential for significant impact on society.

COPE Director's Chair ($2,500,000)

Competition for exceptional leaders spanning the academic and research arenas is strong. This endowed chair, dedicated to the leadership of COPE, will enhance its ability to attract and retain leading researchers and develop new opportunities for collaborative efforts directed at commercializing technologies. Income from the endowment is available at the discretion of the director to meet the most promising related research needs.

Endowed Faculty Chair ($1,500,000)

Income from this endowment will support an outstanding faculty member, ensuring them the resources to remain at the forefront of their fields and lead teaching and research efforts in key areas. The funding, used at the discretion of the recipient, will typically seed research projects and be used for travel, equipment, student research assistants, and administrative support.

Endowed Faculty Professorship ($750,000)

Income from this named endowment will be used to support an exceptional faculty member. Professorships give faculty the resources to remain at the forefront of teaching and research. The funding will be used to seed research projects and for travel, equipment, and student research assistants.

Early-Career Faculty Fellowship and Professorship ( From $500,000 to $750,000)

Endowed awards and professorships given to the most promising faculty at the beginning of their careers provide a major incentive to attract and retain the non-tenured faculty who will become tomorrow’s leading teacher-scholars. Grants are awarded for up to five years, providing support to encourage innovation in teaching and research, thereby nurturing the professional advancement of the named faculty member during the critical pre-tenure years.

Endowed Industry Fellows ($500,000)

Income from these endowments will facilitate increased interactions between top scientists and engineers and their industrial counterparts. It will also accelerate the exchange of information and technologies between Georgia Tech and key industry partners.

Endowed Faculty Visiting Scholar ($500,000)

This endowment will support a temporary appointment of a visiting eminent scholar. The holder of the professorship will present lectures based on his or her area of expertise, work with undergraduate and graduate students, and interact with resident faculty. Visiting professors complement the permanent faculty, exposing students and faculty to new areas and stimulating research and other scholarly programs.

Endowed Graduate Student Fellowship (From $500,000)

This award is given to the most promising graduate student, providing a major incentive to attract and retain tomorrow's leading teacher-scholars. Grants are awarded for up to five years, providing support to encourage innovation in research and nurturing academic advancement toward a seamless process to real world application.

Laboratory Naming (From $100,000)

This opportunity allows the sponsor to become directly affiliated with various laboratory or facilities used for research through visible signage and name recognition on-site and via web site and other promotional materials.

Seed Grants (From $25,000)

These funding opportunities support cutting edge research. Seed grants provide faculty members and graduate students working on projects with the resources to work toward the goal of technology commercialization.

Unrestricted Endowment (From $25,000)

Endowments of this nature provide a mechanism to meet challenges and address opportunities in COPE’s research efforts as they arise. As new and innovative technologies emerge, support in many forms is necessary to ensure successful projects culminating in commercialization.